If you would like a focus for your therapy sessions, one of the counselling packages below may be exactly what you are looking for. The packages are suitable for men and women and will require you to do some ‘homework’ and include email support between sessions.

Hero’s Journey

This is a six session counselling package that is aimed at supporting people to build resilience, uncover and challenge unhelpful life patterns, identify strengths and recognise growth opportunities. Heroes are made, not born. They overcome obstacles and suffer defeats and through these actions they become heroic. You will be encouraged to view your life as a heroic journey and see that moments of darkness can actually offer awakening and transformation. We will work on seeing growth opportunities in adversity and ask “What can I learn from this?” rather than “Why did this happen to me?”  These sessions will be a journey towards healing, growth and empowerment.

Follow Your Bliss – Uncovering Your Life Purpose
This counselling package comprises of six sessions designed to uncover and cultivate Life Purpose. Together we will look at where you are now, where you would like to be and delve into what is holding you back. We will be using a combination of talk therapy, Mindfulness, process work, guided visualisations and ritual. You will leave these sessions with a stronger sense of self and direction. If you are lost and need assistance finding your direction this is an excellent package for you.

Less Stress 
This is a four session counselling package. We will begin by identifying known and unknown stressors in your life and devise a plan for stress management. We will identify behaviours and beliefs that increase your stress levels. We will then look at ways of reducing stress and building your resilience. Mindfulness will play an essential role in your stress management strategy. You will also learn relaxation techniques that can be used during the day and at night to promote better sleep.

Personal Transformation
This six session counselling package will support you as look within to discover who you really are at a deep level. Perhaps you are going through a life transition and are unable to see the way forward? You may have lost sight of your uniqueness over the years, and now you are ready to reclaim your true self. Through a combination of talk therapy, soulful processes, guided journeys and dream work you will rediscover yourself and your gifts. You will open the door to your new life and walk through transformed and empowered.


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