How Aspects Affect the Laser Treatment

Tattoos can be removed permanently from your skin if you no longer want to carry the same mistakes and wrong decisions with you again. The usual way for a tattoo removal is a laser treatment. The laser treatment is known to be painful but bearable, however, there are a number of aspects that can largely affect the type of laser treatment you get. Most of the times, it takes more than only one session for the tattoo removal and that happens based on the following reasons

1. Age of Tattoo

It is pretty obvious that the more prominent, dark and vibrant the tattoo is, the harder it will be to remove it in one go. The age of the tattoo matters a lot. If the tattoo is quite old, it is likely to have faded over time as the skin cells keep breaking down and the new cells form over again. Therefore, the sessions your laser treatment will require can be affected by the age of your tattoo.

2. Skin Tone 

The skin complexion matters when it comes to tattoo removals. It is not that much of a problem for people with lighter skin tones who are desperate for an early result in the tattoo removal laser treatment. However, people who have darker skin tones will have to be patient and wait longer for the complete disappearance of the existing tattoo.

3. Immune System 

Your immune system is known to play a major role in the entire laser tattoo removing process. It is responsible for getting rid of the blemished pigmented ink in the deeper layer of your skin called dermis. Once the immune system starts doing its work after the treatment, the speed of the healing process will entirely depend on your immune system.

4. Ink Color & Quality 

The ink which left a permanent mark on your body is involved in the healing process as well. The higher quality ink is a bit difficult to remove as compared to the low-quality ink.

Similarly, the colors matter a lot too. The lighter shades such as white, yellow and light blue are more difficult to remove from the skin as compared to the darker shades. The laser treatment you choose to get can affect differently on each color your tattoo has which is why colored tattoos are known to be removed in more than just one session.

5. The locality of The Tattoo

The laser treatments work faster on the body parts and skin which is closer to the heart. The reason for this being the pumping and blood circulation of the heart. It is quicker when it comes to the face, neck, upper and lowers back however the tattoos near your body parts such as the ribs, toes, calves, fingers, hands, and collarbones tend to hurt more and the healing process is slow.

6. Size & Depth of Tattoo

If your tattoo is big and the tattoo artist was very professional, you are likely to go to the tattoo parlor more than three times, suggested by laser tattoo removal Brisbane. The smaller the tattoo is, the less time it is going to take to be completely removed. Similarly, if the quality of the ink was high and a professional did your tattoo, the depth of the tattoo will make it harder to remove entirely. The maximum sessions it took for a large good quality to be removed is known to be ten.

There are many more aspects that can affect the laser treatments other than these, such as exposure to the sun or smoking, etc. However, the laser treatments can clearly depend on a lot of factors mainly on the people of different skin tones and immune systems.


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