Major life transitions, even positive ones, can be extremely stressful, challenging and unsettling. You may find that you are feeling anxious, depressed and overwhelmed.

Some examples of Life Transitions are:

– End of a relationship, separation or divorce
– Marriage
– Remarriage
– Becoming a parent
– Empty nest syndrome
– Moving house
– Ending or starting employment or being promoted
– Worrying about getting older
– Sudden or chronic illness
– Death of someone close to you

Transitions are difficult because they require us to change. That can be really scary! We can be left questioning our identity and our place in the world. We can feel disorientated and adrift. We ask ourselves, “Who am I?”. Perhaps it is more helpful to ask, “Who am I becoming?”. This kind of self reflection and self inquiry can lead to the discovery of life purpose, direction, identity, personal power and self esteem. A supportive therapeutic relationship can be very beneficial during life transitions.

Transition = Growth

Transitions can be an excellent opportunity for growth and reinvention. It is a chance to take stock of your life and to really look at what is and is not working for you. Are there old habits that you would like to move away from and new ones that may help you build a happier, healthier future? Therapy can help you identify old patterns that may be holding you back and work with you to challenge and replace them with more positive life enhancing ways of being.

Don’t forget that you have already faced many life transitions and survived! How have you faced transitions in the past? What worked and what did not work for you previously? It is likely that you have a deep well of experience that you can draw on during this new transition that you are facing now.

It is important to gather a support system around you when you are facing a major life transition. You can share your fears and triumphs with friends and family and they will be a source of strength and compassion. If you require further support a therapist can provide that for you.


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