New Research by UCC May Stop Heart Attacks

The thrilling breakthrough treatment is being lead by college’s Centre for Research in Vascular Biology, that hopes to start clinical trials of the injection of the insulin-which functions like a growth factor into the heart, a medical intervention which — if the research comes to fruition — could save the lives of those who just suffered a heart attack. Reports said that up to 10 million patients worldwide each year suffer severe heart attacks that they need emergency opening of the artery and insertion of a stent to keep it open, with 1 million of those subsequently suffering heart failure, and a number of those dying as a result. The exciting findings won Dr John O’Sullivan, a Co. Clare doctor, the Young Investigator of the Year Award. His researcher, Prof. Noel Caplice, presented the discoveries of O’Sullivan’s research to a meeting of the American College of Cardiology in New Orleans recently. Clinical trials would likely start later this year.


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